End of corruption……….new trend since 2016.   근데, 그놈이 그놈이야라는 결론. 조금 덜 때묻은 변화를 줄 수 있는 사람이어야한다….뭐 이정도?

Metallic Dream

“Politician is not interested in you. Politician is interested in winning next election. Regardless of form, politicians are always involved with his/her self-interest. In other words, they are all same !!”

  • Wizard of OZ 가 사실은 그당시 정치와 사회를 풍자한 소설이란거 아는지? 예를 들자면, 심장이 없는 사자는 그당시 politician who has no heart to stand up…….etc

  • Plato’s republic

Socrates said, “our democracy … people  always vote correctly!!”

 His opponent Marcus stood up & said “all governments are same, it does not matter, they all pass laws in their own self-interest. Justice is always the same. It is only the self-interest of the stronger”

Marcus’ analysis is that all governments (it didn’t matter if it was what kind it was…aristocratic, democratic, dictatorship for whatever….) It was always same. They are there to survive. They will do what it takes to survive and basically justice is always the same thing only for their self-interest. 

They will…

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