This song makes perfect sense now.         Couldn’t understand it when I was young.

Metallic Dream

내가 가장 좋아하는 노래 #1. 이친구 정말 천재 작곡가. … 이친구 작곡 수준을 보면 대단하다는 느낌. 은유와 비유가 섞여서 이친구 노래 들어보면 무슨 시한편 읽는듯.(이친구 노래중 “Monkey”는 코카인에 대한 노래인거 아는지?)

여기서 teacher란 그냥 metaphor 이올시다 –> 새로운 연인.

In the lyrics, Michael seems to be addressing a new lover, who he refers to as “teacher” (possibly because he feels he has a lot to learn about love). It seems that he is reluctant to enter into this new love because of past experiences, and that he has been burned and is very bitter to the idea of another relationship.

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