Went to Perillo & test drove it again !!!!If one has experienced driving an E90 with sport package & then testing out the steering feedback and feel of an F30, he would probably have a same feeling as me (–>little disappointment).The feel isn’t there, its no longer a hydraulic system and could never be the same !!!

It’s sad that one of the key things that made me buy my ’08 328i was the steering feel and response and that is no longer there…

I was looking forward to this new car but it’s not for me now. I will wait for the face-lifted one later( if BMW corrects this issue of handing – BMW actually did it for E46 long time ago = the first E46’s handling was Nintendo handling & BMW made correction later… ).

핸들링만 제발 바꿔라…그럼 당장가서 바꾼다. 그전까진 패스….