Jim Rogers : “Some of the factors that determine the demand for gold are slightly different than the factors that determine the demand for steel. But basically, if you have shortages of something, supplies are going down. You can have a bull market even if demand goes down. But if you have demand going up and supply going down, you’re going to have a huge, wonderful bull market. “Gold is being seen as a protection against inflation, against money printing, against debasement of currencies. The supply of gold hasn’t increased very much. Many goldmines are old and running out. So you have problems on both the supply and demand side.” – in The Money Man

  •  결국은 돈의 방햘은 이머징 마켓 or 상품…둘중 하나 아닐지. 결국은 짐 로저스의 말대로 되나보다…
  • 난 개인적으로 이머징 마켓도 한계가 있을거라본다. 결국은 상품???!!!!
  • My question is this: MF global couldn’t survive from 30% haricut, then how the hell 5 major banks can survive from 70% haircut??? Mark my word: QE3 will be there soon.