Marc Faber : ….. in the course of my life, I think that if I followed what the Jews are doing, you’re usually on the side of the winners in terms of money. They’re very smart at making money. And I have numerous Jewish friends that have either like eighty or a hundred percent of their money in gold, silver, or gold/silver mines and so forth. And I have other Jewish friends that have between thirty and fifty percent of their money in gold and silver. So I personally have less. I have like now maybe twenty percent of my money in gold and silver and in mining stock. But on any meaningful decline, say if gold, and we can’t rule that out and I’m saying that in every newsletter I write — a correction can occur that is meaningful. Like gold started its bull market in 1971. And it reached a peak in ’74 of a hundred ninety seven dollars an ounce. And then between December ’74 and August ’76, at the time the Dow Jones went up very strongly because Dow Jones bottomed out in the bear market of ’73, ’74, in December ’74. But during that time of stocks going up, ’74 to ’76, gold went down by more than forty percent — from hundred ninety seven dollars an ounce to hundred four dollars an ounce. There’s a big, big correction. But then gold went up eight times. And I’m saying, you know, you buy gold today — I don’t know, maybe it goes down a hundred dollars. Maybe it goes down two hundred dollars. But looking at all the factors we discussed, I don’t believe that we are in a bubble stage. Because I lived through the last bubble in the late seventies. I can tell you, the whole world followed the gold market day and night and traded gold twenty four hours a day like the whole world traded NASDAQ stock twenty four hours a day in ’99 and 2000. That hasn’t happened yet. We don’t have a heavy waiting. We don’t have a heavy kind of euphoria about gold at all. I know so many people, they bought gold, they paid three, four hundred dollars. Where was that thousand, they sold it? They sold it at twelve hundred. And that price has never really corrected, it never goes back. It never goes back. They’re sitting there empty. All I can say, the risk today as an investor is not to own gold, but it’s not to own any gold. If you have no gold at all, I think you’re taking a risk. And my advice is simply every month you put some money aside and you buy a little bit of gold. Depending if you’re very rich, you buy every month a ton. If you’re very poor, you buy every month an ounce or whatever it is, or a gram. But every month, you accumulate. You don’t worry about the price. Look to it and you just buy every month a little bit. And your grandchildren will be very happy about that unless the US government takes it away. That is a possibility with Mr. Bernanke. You just look at him. He’s basically not a particularly honest character. – in FSN