Ford and General Motors are Getting What They Deserve.
By Editor (12/24/05)

They have had over thirty-five years to figure out how to put quality in their products and still don’t have a clue.

Their attractive and flashy offerings often look very nice, but are poorly assembled and full of inferior quality components and parts.

Once the word started to spread about the high quality of Japanese and recently some Korean models, the sales of American made vehicles started to fall rapidly.

A good example was one of the best pickup trucks, the Mazda. Low price and great quality. However, Ford started building them instead of Mazda and they became very low in quality.

Ford and General Motors need to get their quality acts together very soon. (Chrysler is German owned if you didn’t know)

One of the few things helping them is that the product from Europe is generally just as bad or in some cases worse than the "Detroit Iron". If the European product improves, they will lose even more market share.

American suppliers learned long ago that US vehicle manufacturers could really care less about true quality in the parts that go into their vehicles and so they don’t have a care either.

Much of public wants to support Ford and General Motors, but such a huge investment leaves little room for pity at the risk of finding out that they have been sold a piece of junk.

The American automobile manufacturers owe it to themselves and the country to turn themselves around big time.

ADDED NOTE: All 7 of the vehicles we have owned since 1996 have been American made, only one of them has reflected true quality. Some have been much better than others, but 6 out of the 7 have exhibited serious quality issues. From 1968 till 1996, I bought one American made vehicle (a used 1968 Pontiac Firebird pile of junk), this resulted from being treated like sh*t by Ford regards a new 1968 Mercury Cougar piece of cr*p. I will grant that all of those ‘foreign’ vehicles did not qualify as perfect, but at least two were and the rest served their purpose.